Monday, September 6, 2010

The Union Left 8:00 - 9:00

Sykes' senses that Hood's Division is a spent force. Every time that his troops come into contact with the Rebs, they give ground. So, despite the late hour and waning light, he decides to organize a full-scale assault to try to break the enemy right. His men push forward into the Devil's Den and beyond where he strikes the surprised rebels near Plum Run.
Recovering from their shock, the Rebels fire volley after volley. Confederate artillery blasts the advancing Yanks, and the Texans of Robertson's Brigade swing around the left flank of the Union troops and drive them back over and through the Devil's Den, which the Confederate troops seize for the third time today.
Sykes takes personal control of Barnes' Division and rallies the faltering troops, and leads them forward again. Before they know what hit them the victorious Texans are surrounded on three sides. Despite the growing darkness, the fire is so intense that 'The Den' becomes a slaughter pen. Soon the Rebel fugitives are fleeing back over Plum Run. Hood orders what's left of his Division to fall back away from contact.

The Confederate right is hanging on by a thread.

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