Saturday, November 14, 2009

Waterloo British and Allied Cavalry

Perry and Front Rank Cavalry

British Waterloo Artillery

British Horse Artillery and Foot.

Waterloo British Infantry

I still have alot of work to do with finishing the bases (mud and grass).

The figures are Front Rank and the Flags are GMB

Units include British Line Infantry (flank companies), British Guard, Highlanders, Riflemen, and King's German Legion

Waterloo Allied Infantry

Allied Infantry from Waterloo, including troops from:
Nassau, Brunswick, Belgium, Holland, and Hanover

Figures are mostly Perry with the Hanovarians being Front Rank

Waterloo British Commanders and Generals

Wellington and crew

Friday, November 13, 2009

Russian Grenadiers

One unit of Russian Grenadiers that I painted about ten years ago and based up recently. I guess I'll need the rest of the Russian Army now...

French Commanders and Generals

Napoleon and Ney both based as 'Commanders' (2 figures on a stand), and 3 'Generals' (in this case Marshals) with one figure per stand.

French Cavalry

French Cavalry including:
2 units of Lancier

3 units of Cuirassier

4 units of Dragoons (not shown)

1 unit of Hussars

1 unit of Chasseurs a Cheval

1 unit of Carabiniere

1 unit of Guard Lt. Cavalry (Chasseurs a Cheval)

1 unit of Guard Heavy Cavalry (Grenadiers a Cheval)