Friday, November 13, 2009

Prussian Units

Just before leaving for 'Fall-In', I finished 2 new Prussian units.
The first is Prussian Fusilier Infantry (Calpe Figures), and the second is a unit of Prussian Landwehr Cavalry. In Command & Colors: Napoleon, units that are designated with a green color are 'Light Units' (skirmishers, light cavalry, horse artillery); blue designates them as 'Regulars' (Line Infantry, Medium Cavalry, Foot Artillery), Red designates them as Elite or Heavy (Guard Infantry, Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Field Artillery), and Yellow designates them as Militia-grade (Militia/ Landwehr, Cossack Cavalry).

Even though Prussian Landwehr Cavalry should be yellow, after spending so much time on these guys, I couldn't bear to have them not used on the battlefield because they weren't effective. So I chose to consider them an experienced unit of Landwehr (or maybe a Brigade that contained regiments of Uhlans as well as Landwehr.

In the Waterloo game at Fall-In, they showed up and did some damage. The French player had chosen to desperately attack the British/ Allies in an attempt to break them before the Prussians arrived, rather than to set up a blocking force and organize the attack more methodically. The result was that the uncoordinated French attacks (first a wave of infantry, then cavalry, then infantry again) were chewed up and driven back with great losses. By the time the Prussians showed up, the French army was almost broken.

So, our heroes here drove into the French right flank and sent them routing from the battlefield. Huzzah!

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