Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christine and I went to Gettysburg last weekend. We stayed in a great B&B called The Brickhouse run by a friendly and accomodating English gentleman named Brian and his wife Tessa.

The Brickhouse B&B - Gettysburg, PA
Overall Rating: 10/10
A beautiful, historic, comfortable, spotless, conveniently located Bed & Breakfast run by people who know how to take care of their guests.

Friday night we met an old friend who lives in Hagerstown, MD, for dinner (Lindsay Lafferty). Ate at the Dobbins House, a historic inn/ restaurant located right between the town and the battlefield (Emmitsburg Pike).

Dobbins House - Gettysburg, PA
Overall Rating: 9/10
The food was quite good, but the real draw was the historic building complex (built in the 18th century), the friendly staff in colonial dress, and the cozy atmosphere.

On Saturday Christine spent the day with Lindsay while I hosted two games at 'Fall-In', one of the largest wargaming shows in the U.S.

I used my adaptation of the Command & Colors: Ancients rules for the Napoleonic era to put on the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. The players and observers seemed to appreciate the miniatures and the rules, and to have a good time. It was alot of work preparing, painting, and packing the miniatures and terrain, but I was pleased that everyone had fun.

On Sunday, Christine and I toured the northern half of the battlefield (Culp's Hill and Cemetary Hill), and went to see the newly refurbished Cyclorama. About ten years ago, we had toured the southern half (Cemetary Ridge, Little Round Top, and Devil's Den), so it was great to have the opportunity to walk the rest of this historic battlefield. For those who have not experienced it, Gettysburg is an amazing experience. Not only has the battlefield been saved from any build-up or modern incursion, but the monuments and guides make the experience something special. You hear the stories of people who performed the most awe-inspiring acts of bravery, you walk in their footsteps, and in some cases, you see their gravestones.

The cyclorama is also something special: A 360 degree painting that shows the veiw from the Union position on Cemetary Ridge during Pickett's Charge. Recently refurbished and highlighted with a lightshow and commentary, it's not to be missed. Even the short film prior to entering the cyclorama is impressive and moving.

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