Monday, September 6, 2010

McLaws attacks the Center 6:00 - 8:00pm

Semmes, Kershaw, and Anderson's Brigades move into Rose's Woods and hit De Trobriand.

Rose's Woods fall to the Confederate attack and the Union line recoils north of The Wheat Field.

Wofford and Barksdale join the attack as the assault strikes the Union line en echelon south to north.

A bitter struggle erupts for Trostle's Woods. Sickles returns from the Union left to lead Humphrey's Division. He is personally leading Brewster's Brigade forward when a gap opens in the Union line. The Union troops enter the woods just in time to catch Wofford's brigade in the act of changing front. Pouring fire into the Rebel flank, Brewster's men charge forward and eject the Southerners from the Wood.

Meade sends the Union Reserve Artillery forward to anchor Sickles' right, while Sykes V Corps steadies the fleeing III Corps troops and forms a new line near the Weikart farm. The Union center is battered, but not broken.

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