Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Battle of Ligny

The Battle of Ligny (pt. 1)

Finally received my new Prussian Army (painted by Fernando Painting Service in Sri Lanka), and got them all based up and ready for battle. So, naturally I wanted to get them on the gaming table. First blood would be drawn on the Ligny battlefield. My buddy Paul took the new Prussians onto the field, and I took the French.

Phase 1:

Paul pulled his forces forward to defend the Ligny brook, with an especially daunting concentration in the center. (Note the British Officers standing in as Prussians...I'll get those done this week).

So daunting as a matter of fact that I avoided it (other than moving some infantry into the village of Ligny to make sure that the Prussians didn't get too excited and drive into my center).

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